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Cindy Berger
Teacher, Grades 1-4


Cathy Buell
Principal, Teacher, Grades 5-8


Lynn Parmentier
Teacher's Aid, Grades 5-8

Mrs. Parmentier was born and raised an Adventist. She loves living in the Upper Peninsula because it’s where she was born. Both Lynn and her husband, Paul, moved back to the U.P. over 20 years ago with their children.

She's worked on and off in the Adventist school system as an aide for about 10 years. She really enjoys her “job”. It’s rewarding and educational as she learns from the students as well as helping them learn too.

Mr. and Mrs. Parmentier have been married for 34 years and currently live in Stephenson. They have two grown children, Jacquelyn and Paul; and two grandchildren Ellyana and Jacob.

Lynn and Paul enjoy motorcycle riding to just about anywhere. Mrs. Permentier also loves spending time with God and her family, reading, crosswords, doing my crafts, baking, cooking, gardening, raising Leader Dogs puppies, and helping others.  


Jason Haskell
Teacher, Grades 9-10

Mr. Haskell was raised in a military family and grew up all over the United States. His aspirations to become a teacher started in the fifth grade, though it has taken him many years to realize this dream.  After about a year of college, Mr. Haskell joined the U. S. Army where a friend led him to faith in Christ and he joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  After receiving an honorable discharge from the Army in 2008, he completed an electrical apprenticeship.  While an electrician Mr. Haskell completed his B.S. in Education in 2015, and he then left his job in order to go back to school full time and get his B.S. in Mathematics in just two more years.  Mr. Haskell and his wife, Jennifer, enjoy going for walks and horseback riding together.  Mr. Haskell’s other hobbies include reading, brain teaser puzzles, programming, research, playing trumpet and euphonium, baking, and working on mathematical proofs.  He is excited to get to know his students and show each one of them the love of Jesus.