We’ve just archived another successful year into the history books of Wilson Junior Academy! Here are some of the accomplishments we are especially proud of as we closed the year:

  • Our yearbook produced by Miss Berger and her 9th & 10th graders
  • 9th and 10th grade historical novellas (short historical novels) set during World War II
  • 5th-7th grade devotional book
  • End-of-Year Drama/Musical “God Is in My Story” performed for our church family
  • Trend-setting/Memory-making last day of school – teachers cooked and served breakfast, closing chapel and farewell to our dear 10th grader, Stella, whom we will miss GREATLY, and an epic, whole-school water version of capture the flag. It was a blast!

With the year complete, though the teachers will have a respite from students, each will be honing their craft. Miss Berger has begun her masters program classes. Mrs. Hakes will be going through donated material to enhance our Language Arts program, organizing materials, and work on a project for the Michigan Conference. And, Mrs. Berger will have a welcomed and well-earned break from her classes since she completed her certification process last summer. However, as we all know how dedicated she is, she will still spend hours this summer in preparation for the upcoming year. The Michigan Conference has confirmed her spiritual calling to teaching and will officially be commissioning her at our own Sagola UP Camp meeting in September. Be sure to come and support this monumental and special event!

This summer, we solicit your prayers and recruiting assistance as we plan for the new year. Join us each Sabbath morning at 9 AM as we pray for unity and growth for both our school and church. Pass out our brochure. There are copies in the church lobby. It’s a simple way to start up a conversation with your regular contacts. Speak up about our wonderful school and how we have been growing academic minds and hearts for Jesus for over 100 years. Point out how we truly offer “Something Different”. We know God has wonderful plans for WJA and can’t wait to see what HE does THROUGH US!

Ginnie Hakes
Principal, Wilson Junior Academy

Adventist Accredited Association


Wilson Junior Academy
N13925 County Rd 551
Wilson, MI 49896
Phone: 906-639 2566

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